Data / Communications


With the advent of the world wide web, internet connections are becoming peoples' primary means of communication. Everybody's wireless connection has given them trouble in one way or another. Hardwiring ethernet connections still surpasses any rf signal. Distributing throughout the home or office with clean wiring and finished with wall plates, CAT-6 connections ensure peak internet performance.


Group packages of T.V., internet, and phones have necessitated upgrades in homeowners' cable from RG-59 to the new industry standard RG-6. Most homes with just a couple of cable locations need to be redistributed to all rooms and even garages or yards.


Retaining a hard telephone line has remained a standard for business and residential needs. Cleaning-up or rerunning wiring enhances internet connections and quelches issues regarding static on lines and poor range of devices.


Some older systems have buzzing or crackling noises at different points in the system's operation. Diagnosing these troublesome areas and cleaning up of faulty wiring or stations can heighten systems' performance. Video upgrades are also available with minimal labor costs.